A Random Assortment of Rockler

Bit of a random assortment of things I saw at Rockler, Denver.

First thing is some of the construction happening from one of the courses. This box has something a lot more significant to it than the construction. The timber is something special, but in a sad sort of way.

Pine Beetle Carried Blue Fungus

Due to a number of factors, including the unusually warm average temperature, a certain beetle that does normally exist in the environment has reached significantly high (and destructive) levels. They bore into the bark of the tree, and along with the damage they do, they are introducing a fungus, and that is blocking nutrient flow through the tree, and commonly results in the tree becoming effectively ring-barked, and the death of the tree.

The fungus causes a unique blue colouring to the timber (a bit hard to pick from the photo). The woodworker for this box is accentuating it by using a turquoise-coloured filler for the knots and elsewhere it is needed.

Why this event is significant, is it isn’t taking out the occasional tree. It is taking out entire forests around Colorado.

Board-Foot Calculator closeup

This device is so simple, and so clever. It is used to calculate the volume of a piece of timber. By placing the plank (etc) up against the top left corner, and reading the figure the lower right corner of the plank touches, you immediately know how many board-feet the timber is. This is assuming the board is 1” thick. If it is 2”, simply double the result and so on. This same principle could be equally applied to metric systems of measurement.

In the photo below, you get a better idea the size of measuring tool. I really like the simplicity of this tool – no need to individually measure the dimensions and multiply to find the result.

Board-Foot Calculator

These are downstairs, along with the extra timber supplies.

Wall Mountable Blast Gate

These blast gates were new to me – not that I haven’t seen, or used 4” blast gates, but these can be mounted directly to the wall or roof, and that I thought was a brilliant addition to the standard gate. Now if, like me you already have a stack of blast gates, you are not going to want to replace them all with these. So you can purchase the adapter (numbered “2” in the photo), and your standard blast gate fits it, and the same clamps that hold the flex tube to the blast gate also holds the blast gate to this fitting.  They can be purchased individually or by the box of 4 (I bought 2 boxes!)

A Small Slab

Some small slabs they have.

Dust Right

The Dust Right system is interesting, in that it is a fully expandable system, from the dust collector itself, the tubes and fittings.

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