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  1. Drool.
    Denver, here i come.

  2. Hope you had a fantastic trip Stu, sounds like it.
    Can I feel a Stu’s Cool Tools comming on?
    Don’t get to the big smoke much (Bribane for us) but I’m sure if there was a store where I could get anywhere near the range of goodies I see on the web under one roof as well as timber, I’d be there in a flash!
    Oh for a Rockler in Australia!
    Stu, you’ve got my respect, I picked up a tip on the very first video I watched of yours, and the effort you put in to share your experiences is much appreciated! The likes of Grahame and Marita from PWS and many other companies, must really appreciate the effort you go to to show everyone the new products. I for one always come here to get your opinion on a good thing, eg saw blades. Once again thanks and keep up the great site.

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