Stage 1

Did the airport thing- didn’t miss the flight which I guess is a positive. Got through all the various security checks and got to see the A380-800 for the first time. Got to shake one’s head at the size of thing that can get off the ground. Full double-decker aircraft. 21 hours or so of travel to go (although it will be a lot less by the time I post this- can’t be bothered justifying the cost of wireless connectivity at Melb airport. Might be different if I was a business traveller, but even so.

About to get sniffed by a drug dog.

Couldn’t find any books to read, and sadly Australian Wood Review hasn’t made it onto airport shelves- guess woodworkers don’t fly much. So will have to resort to electronic entertainment. Hmm – phone has asked if I want to connect via Bluetooth to an A380- wonder what that means?

Wonder what this button does?……..

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