Candy Store (Rockler) Shopping list

Starting to put together a bit of a shopping list for when I get to get into the candy store, and (hopefully if they have stock!) pick up some things that I can’t get here.

Bench Cookie Storage Rack

I have some Bench Cookies, and now I see there is a storage rack – yup, that’ll look good on the shop wall 🙂

As a souvenir of the trip to the US, I’m thinking of the Betsy Ross Pen

Betsy Ross Pen Kit

And for the dust system, a Dust Right handle

Dust Right Handle

Then there are all sorts of other things to consider – so many products, so little time!

12 Responses

  1. Hi Stu.

    Help me out here…. what does the Dust Right Handle do?

    • For tools that are not permanently connected to the dust system, the handle is connected to a flexible hose (that is on the shop system), and you can quickly move the hose from one tool to the next. Costs about $12, so it is a low cost, convenience thing.

  2. Ahh, thanks.

  3. PLEASE buy the bench cookies and give us your comments. Make sure you try them on different surfaces (such as wood bench with general micron dust on it).

  4. Hi Stu, I do not want you to think I am a Smart Arse But your Comment on the Dressing on the Grinding Wheel is slightly out of Wack. When you Dress a Grinding Wheel you Clean out all the Grit of Steel that you have ground off the Object you have been Grinding
    When you use the First Trueing Stone you will have a Stone with Course Grit which is ideal for doing just what I just Said The Second Stone Dressers the Wheel to a Fined Face , It does not alter the Grit of Wheel. What ever you start with in relation to the Grit of the Wheel you choose to use this remains the Same Grit for the life of the Wheel regardless of how you dress it
    Thought I might enlighten you on this as it is good to fully understand the Consequences of Grinding Wheel Dressing. I hope this information assists you.
    Regards Reg Shanhan

    • Hi Reg, I understand what you are saying, and agree that the particle size in the stone cannot change, but this is the information directly from Tormek, and their stone grader is specifically for changing the cutting aggression of the wheel, from a coarse 220 grit equivalent, to a 1000 grit equivalent and back again.

      As they also say, it makes the stone work as a 1000 grit stone. It comes down to the size of the particle exposed for cutting, not the size of the particles themselves. For example, a DMT diamond stone has only 1/3 of the diamond particles exposed for cutting, so even though their XX fine stone has a particle size of 9 microns, only 3 microns are exposed, so it is an 8000 grit stone, not a 2500 grit.

      So as I’ve discussed in a few previous articles, I talk about the exposed size of the cutting material, not the size of the particle itself. It means you can do a more direct comparison between the different cutting compounds – sandpaper, honing paste, diamond stone, diamond paste, waterstone etc etc, and be able to accurately work through the grades irrespective of whether all the steps are the same material, or you choose to switch from one to the next and back again, so long as the exposed size of the cutting material is the primary consideration.

      The Stone Grader also has the benefit of rejuvenating a wheel that is becoming clogged, saving the need for a regrind.

      Tormek also have an actual 4000 grit stone for fine finishing (and that cannot be graded for different grits – different cutting compound).

  5. Oh and Stu have a Good Trip deserve it you do a good Job in advising all the Woodies on Products

  6. Hi Stu,

    I have many components of the Dustright system. Be sure to pickup some Dustright connectors that fit the handle as it will be a little loose on standard 4″ outlets.



  7. Have a great trip
    catch you on your return

  8. Please find out if there is a supplier of the bench cookies in Australia

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