Candy Store (Rockler) Shopping list

Starting to put together a bit of a shopping list for when I get to get into the candy store, and (hopefully if they have stock!) pick up some things that I can’t get here.

Bench Cookie Storage Rack

I have some Bench Cookies, and now I see there is a storage rack – yup, that’ll look good on the shop wall 🙂

As a souvenir of the trip to the US, I’m thinking of the Betsy Ross Pen

Betsy Ross Pen Kit

And for the dust system, a Dust Right handle

Dust Right Handle

Then there are all sorts of other things to consider – so many products, so little time!

The Things You Find

out when you read the manual (or in this case, watch the DVD). Yes, yes, I know – reading the manual is a Code Violation, but I was far from the shed, so felt it was justified.

I was watching the DVD that came with the Tormek T7 (from Carroll’s), and had one of those “duh” moments.  The packaging that the accessories came in had a washer in each corner, and I didn’t click what they were for (and I’m betting it is already dawning on you because I’ve specifically mentioned them).

The packaging wasn’t just to look good when you opened the box, but could be then screwed to the wall as a convenient storage.

Tormek Accessory Storage

In the storage, there is the book and DVD, below that honing paste. On the right side, top to bottom is the brand new square/straight edge jig (more on that in a sec), diamond truing tool and angle master.  On the right is the wheel dressing stone.

The straight-edge jig has been significantly reworked/redesigned, so you can no longer overtighten/misalign/twist the chisel causing it to inadvertently become a skew.  I can testify it works very well (and yes, I’ve created my share of skew chisels with the old style (Triton in my case) holder.

The stone grader allows the wheel to be changed from 220 grit to 1000 grit (and back again), and to finish, the honing compound has an average 3 micron grain size (which equates to 8000 grit).  “Real smooth shave”

A suggestion made recently about using the Torque with the copy attachment to duplicate a tool holder would work very well here, especially to create a storage unit that could also hold the other sharpening jigs I have.  Thinking it just a little further, the technique used a day or so in duplicating the kangaroo might work well here.

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