Hearing on the radio this morning that with the current collapse of the roof insulation scheme that we may find companies physically ditching batts that they just cannot store now the demand has suddenly dropped to virtually nil.

Can I just say that if anyone is planning on throwing away bundles of roofing batts that instead of floating it down the Yarra as was suggested, that I’m working in a sauna in my shed in summer – I’d love to get my hands on some!

(Unfortunately, working in a sauna seems to do nothing for weight loss 😦 )

2 Responses

  1. Hang in there Stu , You never know, Some Fairey might get some for you. Mind you I have had Pink Batts in my Ceiling for Years, If they are installed right there is No B !!! Worries. I think the Problem is there was some Shonky Bods who did not know how to Do the Job got into the Act thinking they will make a Heap of Money not knowing you have to Take care with not getting the Batts near heat like Down Lights

  2. My mother-inlaw had a guy approach her to install batts, gave her a quote, no problem, he said.
    She was wise enough to get another quote and the “reputable” company said that she already had batts in her roof and would charge her 300$ to remove the old ones so they could replace them with new ones, HUH?!!!!.
    When the first company approached her again, she informed them she already had batts, they said, it was fine to install the new ones on the old ones, if you want old one taken away will cost extra.
    Which leads us to a main point , and that is, Batt insulation in houses, is WOFTAM, waste of fuc*ing time and money, the only real cooling/heating is from an independant source.

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