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GMC Vacuum tagged out, ShopVac tagged in.

Despite cleaning filters, and introducing a pre-separator (home-made cyclone), it was already too late – the GMC has partaken of too much of an MDF diet (you could smell it each time the vac was turned on), and today it finally smoked itself properly.

And I mean SMOKED!

Power suddenly failed, as a circuit breaker blew, and all was surprisingly quiet in the workshop.  A glance over to the vac was all that was needed, seeing the smoke pour out.

So getting the ShopVac was excellent timing, and immediately I noticed a dramatic increase in the amount of suction that I have available.

That is the second vacuum that I’ve now gone through.  First one was a few years ago, and it smoked itself too, but to the point that it also melted and fell apart when it failed.  Hopefully the ShopVac will do better (it has an internal collection bag, and I’m still using the pre-separator, which is working very well).

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