Carter Bandsaw Stabilizer

Had a question about Carter Bandsaw Stabilizer, and I haven’t come across this brand before but they did have a YouTube video that was interesting.  I’ve seen (and mentioned) this sort of bandsaw accessory before – the jury is out for me on it – they make it look so easy, and effective, but it would be interesting to see a real 3rd party try it and comment (such as…..uh…..Stu’s Shed 🙂 )

4 Responses

  1. i contacted them last year and they did not have a stabliser to fit the Carbatec band saw that I have… but they did offer a custom model.. I think I might take another look.

  2. You would think they could have come up with a better name than STD1 though don’t you

  3. Stuart,

    I have the stabilizer for the older Grizzly 17-inch band saw, not the X-series. I use it with 1/8-inch blades; you get the amazing feeling that you are using a scroll saw, for you are able to make tight, *really* tight curves.


  4. Looks interesting. I certainly have struggled in the past to do tight curves (without burning) with more expensive set ups.

    I agree 3rd party review would be good. Maybe they’ll supply you. Could even stick in in AWR. I

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