YouTube Chronicles reminder

Having not posted any Stu’s Shed YouTube Chronicles (SSYTC) for a while (or any video for that matter), just a quick reminder: the SSYTC are deliberately a very low production value offering – handheld on a cheap camera, with no real editing (or pro sound recording) – a quick’n’nasty way of getting some video out to cover a point.

I will be getting back to producing some more Stu’s Shed TV (multicamera, fully edited, external sound), but they do require significant amounts of time, and that is often a commodity in very short supply.

So bear with me, excuse the poor audio and the shaky camera – if I cared too much about the production quality of the SSYTC episodes, I’d never get around to actually uploading any!

SSYTC22 Interim Shop Tour

SSYTC28 Small Torque Surfacing w Vac Clamp

Bringing it all together – the Torque Workcentre, Triton Router, Whiteside Surfacing Bit, Vac Clamp

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