I’ve been giving some consideration to the pre-separator I was using in the 4″ system before the TruPro Dust Collector.  The original was too large for a small workshop, so I decided to cut it down.  Thought it would be easy enough to remove the base, cut off some height and reattach the base.  Doing it that way would retain the metal top edge and handles that aided sealing, and lifting the full bin.  I was wrong 😦  Spent ages trying to get the base on, and in the end had to give in.  I then came up with a different idea – putting a dust collection bag around the outside of the drum.


Not too bad, other than one problem – creating a partial vacuum inside the drum sucks the bag up and into the nozzle, no matter what I’ve tried so far – heavy weights are no match for the power of a vacuum.  I haven’t come up with a solution yet, but primarily because it hasn’t been on the top of the to-do list.  The principle is not bad, but a different drum may be in order.

Other than that, I’m quite happy with the location and size of the pre-separator.

Design Matters

If you are interested in learning more about classic designs in woodworking, then this recently started blog by George Walker, a regular writer for Popular Woodworking Magazine, and host of a series of instructional DVDs for Lie-Nielsen Toolworks is a collection of interesting design concepts, and written in a very readable style.

Often starting with an anecdote leading into the body of the article, it is both entertaining, as well as demonstrating how concepts in woodworking often reflect other areas of life, rather than being separate from them.  For example, his article about “The Right Hat” starts off about a time in his youth, learning some lessons about life, and the benefit of a good hat, and in addition how it finishes off a look, then compares that to, and leads into a discussion of molding for finishing off a piece.

Design Matters – definitely a blog to watch as it grows and develops, from a very experienced woodworking writer.

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