The Great Flood

The sudden rains today caught Melbourne a good one, so heavy that some streets filled with water to the extent people could (and were) actually have a swim (though why you’d want to….!)

Photo by Ellen Smith from Herald Sun website

It poured down our way as well, and I found at one point that the rubber flooring wasn’t actually sitting on the floor, but had started to float.  The amount of water getting in wasn’t particularly dramatic – the downpour exceeded the guttering’s capabilities on one corner, and it started to bubble in under the wall.  I would have ignored it, (primarily because there usually was nothing I could do about it, and also because anything in that part of the shed is either elevated on wheels, or on the rubber mat), but then a thought crossed my mind…..  That new ShopVac vacuum I got from Costco is a wet and dry.  Didn’t buy it with any intention of using its wet capability, but seeing as it could I gave it a try.

Well this sucks

It didn’t just pick up water, it sucked the floor to the point that it was damp, with no surface water apparent.

And Sucks

About 60 litres of water later (emptying the bin numerous times), and the rain subsided to a point the gutters could cope.  The shed was saved any potential problems resulting from the influx.  This shed is significantly better than the previous version for coping with downpours – only its location causes even this small amount of drama, and the ShopVac performed admirably.

3 Responses

  1. How does it handle saw dust and woodchips? I am thinking of buying one.

    • Not too bad, so long as they are a small diameter. Typical of any std vacuum, the hose can cause blockages easy if the particle is too large/pointy, but otherwise I’ve not had a problem yet. Am going to run it through a cyclone separator though, so that will stop much getting into the machine itself.

      I certainly can remark on how well they work on sucking up water!

  2. It’s nice that shop vacs are good for the unpleasant jobs as well as the fun sawdust making jobs. I think I would be digging a plastic-lined gravel-filled ditch around that shed. The gravel would look like a landscaping feature, and it might save the contents of your shed if it ever dumped like that while you were gone.

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