A mate hangs up his chisels

Sad to hear, but for a number of reasons a friend has decided he has to sell up the majority of his workshop in East Melbourne.

He’s selling a number of shop power tools

Near new (and basically unused) TSC-10HB $1400 – this is a very popular 10″ tablesaw among Aust. Forum Members
Unused 12″ Triton (Scheppach) Bandsaw $600
6″ Carbatec Benchtop Planer $250
Triton Spindle Sander $250
Gifkins Dovetail Jig w H20 template and cutters $150
Triton Belt & Disk sander $250

In the descriptions on the Aust Forums, all bar the Gifkins are basically unused.  The Gifkins is a superb dovetail jig fwiw.

Contact David directly on 0433980421.  All his prices are ONO

Pop’s Shed Lathe

PS Lathe

With all the (non shed related) happenings this week, I haven’t been able to commission the PS Tools lathe yet, but hope to rectify that shortly.  I did get to plug it in and push the on button!

I could really become a fan of variable speed lathes – the ease of changing speeds (without having to change belts) is really refreshing.  The speed readout is also not based on the controller, but the actual speed of the shaft.  This means that if turning a larger item (or placing more load on it with aggressive cuts), the speed readout reflects the actual RPM being achieved.  It does this with a toothed wheel inside the lathe head mounted directly to the shaft, and a light sensor circuit that counts and times each tooth.  The same principle was used in computer mice pre optical and laser days.

The lathe still has 3 belts, so you can get 3 ranges of variable speeds, from the slowest around 650RPM right up to 3000RPM.

Sitting on top of the Torque Workcentre is not it’s usual position (too high), but the juxtaposition is deliberate even so.  I have an idea about using the lathe, with the overhead router for turning helices, and also for cutting evenly positioned flutes.

Something to mull over.  In the meantime, I will get to a better introduction to the lathe, and all the accessories it comes with shortly.

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