Coming to America

This March, Stu’s Shed is having a flying visit to America (specifically Denver, Colorado), to appear on the DIY Network show Cool Tools, demonstrating and providing an independent perspective of the Torque Workcentre!

It is a long way to go to be a guest on Cool Tools, but getting an opportunity to appear on the show is, well TOO COOL!

The show is seen in over 100 countries (including Foxtel in Australia).

(And a big “Gidday” to the Producers of Cool Tools – turns out they occasionally visit Stu’s Shed, and is how they discovered the Torque Workcentre in the first place! How cool is that!)

22 Responses

  1. Looks like a wonderful tool Larry, can’t wait for you to make it to the bloomin US of A. Are you sure bloke they’re going to let you in, LOL. Just joshin you mate. Have a good flight. Jockmike.2

  2. I live just north of Denver and would love to have a meetup if you have the time and inclination.

  3. good day mate..ya bunch of bloaks did it..coming to the land of oz…walkin the yellow brick road…cant wait to see the preview in the states….this should launch the wee besstie into stardom..and maybe stu and the others guys who make it with larry can do a us tour…watch out the boys are coming to town……grizzman

  4. well done !! Show them how Aussies Can do it and be versatile

  5. Top work Stu ….. that is a huge leg up. Make sure to drop by Rockler and pick up some goodies that you cant get here.

  6. Stu,
    Congratulations. Hope you are on time for the flight to USA.

  7. Bit freaked out about it – putting one’s reputation on the line!
    And wondering about dealing with the logistics of such a flying visit.

  8. Congratulations. Can’t wait till the show Cool Tools appears in Australia.

    • I’ve been watching it here for ages – it is on the How To channel on Foxtel.
      Watched the Cool Tools holiday special last night – they had high tech tools (eg jigsaws with lasers – guess GMC’s patent on that got lost as well!)

      Free-to-air does not cater for woodworkers (or any shed dwellers) unless the shed is messy, needs a makeover, and you don’t know how to put up a shelf.

      • Agree
        And the “woodworker” presenter is a celebrity who
        makes sure the camera does not miss him. And when he completes his project you scratch you’re head trying to work out what he did and which part he left out.

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