Tools for February

Each of these will be looked at in more detail shortly, and put through their paces.

For Tool of the Month, I’m going for the Vac Clamp – another Aussie product.  It uses a very simple method for achieving a vacuum – using the venturi effect to draw down a vacuum from between the clamp and the item being held, resulting in a clamp that is strong, and releases immediately that the air is switched off.


Seen pictured here are both the single-sided clamp (is screwed to the workbench etc), and the double-sided, which uses a vacuum on one side to secure itself to the workbench (non-porous), and the other side for the workpiece.

There are no moving parts to achieve the vacuum. Nothing to wear out (the rubber seal itself will need replacement in time), nothing moving, wearing.  You do need a source of compressed air.  The compressor does not draw air from the clamp, unlike many other designs.  Air is blown into the unit, which ejects from the nozzle, creating the venturi which pulls additional out of the clamp void resulting in the vacuum.

Vacuum creating venturi effect nozzle

Air passes in through the fitting on the side, and blows through the brass nozzle you can see in the hole, which is then ejected out the side.

Closeup of Nozzle

The other item to mention is a new router bit received from Whiteside / Professional Woodworkers Supplies.

Whiteside 2 Flute Replaceable Surfacing Bit

This is a significant bit, with a larger diameter than either of the others I have tried – at 65mm diameter it is going to be fascinating when I get a chance to feed it.  Of course, the rule is never feed a router bit after midnight – not that it will turn into a gremlin, but your neighbours will!

Replaceable Tip

The carbide tips are replaceable, and also revolvable, meaning you get to use all 4 sides before needing to resharpen or replace the TCT.

5 Responses

  1. Stu
    I can see a series of these Vacuum Clamps as an absolutely must have for the Torque Centre.

  2. I am looking at the Vac Clamps and the Walko clamps too.
    Both will be invaluable on the Torque Workcentre…a great addition to a great machine.

  3. I spent an hour today with Stu, in Stu’s shed. He showed me his Torque Work Centre and items that are associated with its operation. We must have lost 2 litres of sweat – at 8:36pm it was 33 degrees and that’s hot – but so interesting.
    Thanks Stu – one in 100,000,000.

  4. Thanks for the continued support and advice. I did buy two sets of toggle clamps Walco (?) and need to add that Just Tools who are supposed to retail the product, didn’t have any and eventually a trip to Williamstown was necessary. The Walco ones were $99 while the Festo variety were $169 for a pack, which contains two sets. The saving is a whole $70.
    Anyone interested in a Bosch GCM 10 S; it was used for literally 30 minutes. It is almost 12 months old.

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