Toodlebug Toys

Had an interesting excursion today, to Chirnside Park, North East Melbourne where I was invited to see a new woodworking business that had just opened just two weeks ago called Pop’s Shed.  More on Pop’s Shed (inc a bunch of photos) in a post shortly, but ‘next door’ was a brand new business that had just opened today, so in honour of their opening, I’m going to briefly talk about Toodlebug Toys first! (The manager is related to the two soon-to-be Pops (grandfathers) next door!)

Toodlebug Toys

Might seem a little strange me writing about a toy shop, but this is one with a difference.  That difference is their very strong belief that parallels what regular readers of Stu’s Shed will probably have picked up on: I am a firm believer that wooden toys are a very special gift for a child.  They have substance, texture, presence, and longevity.  They are very tactile, and rather than high-tech, high gloss, complex plastic toys, a wooden toy doesn’t deny the child the opportunity for imaginative play.  So many modern toys have solved all the imagination challenges already, and as a toy they get boring quickly.

Ros, the business’ manager has a solid background in early childhood education, and the toy ranges she has chosen for her shop reflects this.

Shop Window

The shop has a really interesting range of toys, from the handmade rocking horse in the window, through to the baby toys on the back wall.

Aussie-made animals

Unfortunately it is cost prohibitive to source many Australian -made toys, but there are some – these animals made by a Victorian couple.


Baby Toys

Even the baby rattles, and “first reader” books are wooden. So that is a quick look around the shop.  If you are looking for quality wooden toys, or are simply looking for an alternative from the plastic junk out there these days, give them a call, or just drop in!

They are located in Unit 10a, Rear of 288 Maroondah Hwy, Chirnside Park. (03) 9727 0911

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