More on the CarveWright and CNC Machining

After some recent doubts expressed about my article the other day on CNC woodworking, I’ve found this video about the CarveWright that really starts to highlight the sort of quality, and capability that such a modern machine has.

No need to write complex instruction sets on the computor (sic), nor years of training required to operate such a machine.  If you can use clipart, then it would be a very short learning curve to using this system.  I don’t know the specific ins and outs of this machine, but it certainly shows the ease of use of a modern CNC machine designed for the home workshop/small business.  You could really build a successful small business around such a machine.

4 Responses

  1. just as well my friend as there seems to be less and less of people who really are Qualified Trade men these days with knowledge to handle any Job that might arise in their Profession
    Years back I saw a Skit that had a Man taking people along a Place like a Zoo quoting what each Cage was and what was in them when he came across one and stated this next place has a man called in the old Days a TURNER and FITTER. He is Very Rare !!
    I Think it applies in a lot of things today !!!

    • Used to be, if you were a mason, and you tried to learn about carpentry, either or both guilds would do horrible things to you.

      Today, I’m an engineer, and a cook, and a musician, and an amateur woodworker who needs to develop some skills.

      You might long for the days gone by. I think today is pretty awesome.

  2. It says ‘CarveWright, woodworking for the 21st century’, but then displays a bunch of aged moulding. Not exactly modern woodworking. I wonder what use it has in modern\fashionable woodworking? Inlay maybe? No I’d actually prefer the Torque Workcentre as a more versatile tool in the workshop. It seems to me that a CNC is only useful for batch\repetitive work.

    • If I had a choice, so would I. Wouldn’t say no to a workshop equipped with both the Torque and a CNC machine though! I’m sure I could find something for it to do!

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