Slippery When Wet

Warping when moist, cracking when dry. Timber is a tempermental beast at the best of times.

A ways back I did think it was a good idea to have a better visibility of what was happening with some of the different pieces I had harvested, or collected. If too green or moist, there would be significant amounts of movement as it dried, and potential cracking. I tried a couple of moisture detectors out but I was either unhappy with their performance, or price. So it was very cool when I got my hands on a new one that is (or about to become) available through Carbatec.

It is still a pinned detector (with 2 probes that get pushed into the timber), so that puts it at the lower end for cost, but with a very nice LCD display, and two calibration checking circuits built into the cap it means you can feel a lot more confident in the readings that you get.

I’ve already found cause to use it a couple of times already- taking new stock of unknown condition and finding out if it is stable enough to use, so like a number of other small tools around the shop it is going to prove to be invaluable.

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