A First Copy Run

I’d seen it used (by Lazy Larry), but it is always a different experience when you get to try out a tool or technique for yourself.

As a bit of a test, I set up the copy attachment on the Torque Workcentre to duplicate an MDF “S” I’d picked up somewhere, copying it into pine.  I didn’t even bother changing router bits – just using whatever bit happened to already be mounted.  Turned out to be a cove bit (normally, you’d carefully choose a bit for the desired effect, but in this case I was interested in the overall technique, not the specific result.)

Copy Attachment on the Torque

As you can see from the drifts of sawdust, I haven’t the dust extraction setup connected yet – once the router is in the actual router mount (and not using the circular saw mount as I am doing here), I will be able to use the excellent Torque collector that surrounds the bit, and has brushes all round the edge.

Nevertheless, as can be seen a very interesting technique, with significant amounts of promise.

The copy attachment rises and falls with the z-axis plunge, and that is very useful for 3D copying.  However, I am also interested in seeing if there is a way of having the copy attachment mounted independent of the z-axis movements of the router mount.

I have also been giving some consideration to the copy attachment pin itself.  The one that came with the machine has dual ends – one with a 6mm diameter tip, and the other end with a 4mm.  That may be good for standard copying, but my idea is to have multiple, replaceable tips, perhaps even ones that will be bolted into place.

Different tips, including a range of diameters (such as 12, 16, 25mm), and different profiles, including a 45 degree tip (with a starting diameter of 30mm), and even a geared, free-spinning gear as a tip for spirograph type creations using a laser-type router bit (a very fine, sharp, solid carbide router bit from Carb-i-tool)  The possibilities of this tool!

Spirograph Design

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