Something Seems Different Somehow

Not sure – just seems something seems to have changed….metamorphosed.

No, I haven’t had a chance to clean out there – it is a bomb site.  Finding even a small window of opportunity is proving difficult at this time of year.

Ok, ok, yes, the bandsaw has had a colour change to shades of Carbatec, and has become a little bigger and heavier.  Hey, speaking of which, moving a 150kg crate takes some doing!  I had help, and a trolley (rated for 100kg).  It almost killed the trolley – guess its rating had a safety margin!  Almost was the death of the wheels though.

Have only had a chance to assemble it, and make a couple of quick cuts.  First observations: sure runs smooth, and quiet.  It has a great blade quick tensioner, etc – I could go on for a while, but it will be the subject for another day.

Yet again, another quality bandsaw sold with a very inadequate blade.  I’ve always said that the blade that comes with a machine should be replaced as fast as possible, and put aside, marked “for cutting aluminium etc”, and this one is no different.

So, putting this machine through its paces will be a very interesting series of tests.

5 Responses

  1. Stuart,
    Our club has a similar band saw, very smooth due to extra weight in flywheels. But when switched off it runs on for some 40 seconds.Due to it relative silence when running down after switch off, it is easy to forget the blade is still running.
    The electric switches are troublesome with constant use. They are plastic and there is no tang to prevent rotation and location; as a result you cannot tighten them to prevent them turning with use and they become loose.

    • That smoothness of operation, quiet running and silent/long rundown I’ve noted as well, and although not as much of an issue in a 1 person workshop, I still had to stare at the blade a few times to see if it was still moving or not.

      That being said, that smoothness of operation is testament to the quality of manufacture, and the quietness makes it a very pleasant machine to use.

      I’ll keep an eye on the switches, and if they prove to be a problem at all, a drop of Superglue should stop them coming apart on their own, yet the CA glue is brittle enough to fracture if they do need to be undone.

      Still, a good bandsaw for a club – you definitely need quality tools for that scenario.

  2. Hi Stu, impressive new toy.
    I’ve been meaning to ask what band saw blades you use after seeing one in one of your videos, can’t remember which one though. It looked like an agressive 3/4 blade? Do you use a particular brand?

    • Hi Bill,

      I’ve bought saw blades from C&S Saw Blades in Melbourne, and from Henry Bros in NSW – I get them made to the length I require, and choose the width, tooth count and profile at the time.

      The most aggressive blade you are mentioning came from Henry Bros, and is a 3/4″ 1.3 TPI skip-tooth. Sure rips logs down!

      I’d still love to get a TCT bandsaw blade, but they are significantly more expensive. However, Terry Gordon (HNT Gordon Planes) and others do swear by them. By expensive though, it is in the order of 10x the price.

      • Thanks very much Stu, as soon as the current blade dulls I can feel that 1.3TPI skip tooth blade being on order.

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