Router Bits in the Mail

It is always going to be a good day that starts with a knock at the door, and a courier hands you a package full of router bits.

A Fine Collection

This set were a collection from Saw and Bits, each costing between $3 and $6.  The whole lot cost $60 (inc delivery)

1 ea. 5mm Ogee Bit – Top Fillet TB75065/2 $3.30
1 ea. 19mm Dia X 25mm Down Sheer Flush Trim TBDS8024/2 $3.30
1 ea. 12.7mm Straight 2 Flute Xtra Long TMX1412.7 $3.30
1 ea. 22 Degree Straight Bevel Trim Bit T2622/- $3.30
1 ea. 5mm Straight Single Flute TM205 $3.30
1 ea. 6mm Straight Single Flute TM206 $3.30
1 ea. CARB-I-TOOL 4.8mm Cove Bit T706 Carbide Tipped $6.60
1 ea. CARB-I-TOOL 4.8mm Round Over Bit T506 Carbide Tipped $6.60
1 ea. Stehle 5.5mm Drawing Line Bit TBPF3 $5.50
1 ea. Stehle 7.1mm Drawing Line Bit TBPF4 $5.50

5 Responses

  1. Seems like a very good price on those. But I always thought to stay away from 1/4″ shanks because 1/2″ bits are supposed to be more stable. Plus, I loathe changing collets back and forth.

    • As a general rule, so do I. However it is more a matter of using 1/4″ bits where the profile means the shank is not being unreasonably loaded. In this case, the 1/4″ bits were chosen because they were all tiny anyway, and it means there isn’t a huge transition from where the cutter diameter to the shank diameter. The two that look like the cutter area is large were acceptable because of what they are – beading bits, so incur next to no loading anyway.

      Where it comes to collet changing – I use the US Triton collet, so changing from one to the other is a no-brainer. However, should I mention the US collet at all? Last time I did, I was accused of “spuriously gloating”.

  2. I have a few of the longer versions of the flush trim bits which have sold out.
    If you want an upshear and a downshear let me know and that will be my christmas contribution to ‘stusshed’. There are lots of times when 25mm is not enough.

    I use the US collet and the improvement in quality of life is wonderful.

    • John, if you are willing to give away an upshear and downshear bit, then I am willing to say “Ripper – yes please!”

      They’ll be perfect for some Torque Workcentre operations 🙂

      Thanks for the offer, and gratefully received! (You can never have too many router bits!)


    • John, you are a legend! Thanks for the bits – they are an excellent length as you said. Much appreciated indeed – they will definitely be put to good use!

      Merry Christmas!

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