Goin Ballistic

Been hammering out the two toy kitchens (or more precisely hammering, gluing, screwing, drilling, routering, dominoing).

Hard to imagine just how much work and time goes into this sort of project, and if I had more time I could add extra feature after countless feature.

I am struggling to even remember where I was up to at the start of the weekend (I think carcasses, but no doors). Since then, all door hinges rebated (on the Torque fwiw), and doors attached. Knobs and taps made from toy wheels (in total I made about 30 wheels)

Sink hole cut (one done on the Torque, then sanded to final shape, the other using a pattern copying bit on the router table). Faucets made (bandsaw), attached with twin dominos, oven handles the same.

The stove top worked rather well- using the pin routing feature of the Torque (a partial depth hole drilled in workpiece, then the pin engages this hole under the stove top, allowing it to be spun underneath an offset router to create a circle.

So close to finishing (whew), and I am looking forward to getting the MDF dust out of the shed- it is a real mess in there.

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