Stu’s Shed ad feature

Hey cool – The Sewing Revolution are still using the “As seen on Stu’s Shed” thing in their advert!  I like it 🙂

One thing I was hoping to show a bit earlier than now, is the extensions for their “Sewing Revolution” to increase the maximum diameter of their template. I was planning on using it to lay out a poker table, but other projects have overtaken it.  So as not to hold off mentioning the extensions….

The Sewing Revolution

Both the Sewing Revolution 6/8 and 5/7 have an extension template to increase the effective maximum diameter of the original template from 13″ diameter out to a 40″ range.

Sewing Revolution Wedge

With the addition of the TWC in the shop, all templating tools take on extra importance – jig creation is a powerful technique and tool.


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