New Australian Wood Review

Has just come out.  Particular reason I’m mentioning it is I have a follow up article to my panel clamp article – a look at a wide range of hand clamps that are on the market (and a quick review of the Mustarka Rabbeting Router Bit Set).  There is also a review of the Torque Workcentre (not by me – get a second opinon!).

My clamp article wasn’t particularly complimentary of some commonly available clamps….. but hey, do you want a review that just says everything is golden, or one that actually calls a spade a spade?

2 Responses

  1. Try ‘complimentary’.

    And hey, try not to write like, hey, a Yank, k dude?

    And hey, why would you be writing about a spade in a woodworking magazine?

    • And hey, don’t be a wanker.

      And hey, guess you are now blocked from future comments on this site….if you ever come back anyway.

      And hey, I have no idea how Yanks write, but whatever style I choose to use, this is my site to make those decisions: like it or bugger off.

      And hey, if you don’t even know the saying “calling a spade a spade”, why do you think you are qualified to judge how I write anyway?

      And hey, if you feel the need to demonstrate the carrot up your arse, have the balls to use your real email address. Aussie enough for you now dickhead?

      Takes all sorts I suppose.

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