Spam – The Good, The Bad, and The Pointless

After something like 10 years (or more) of receiving spam emails I have no idea how many thousands I have received.  365 x 10 x 20/day (minimum!!) = 70,000 or more.

Today I actually got one that looked slightly interesting – one from a publisher of toy making woodworking books.

Scrollsaw Dinosaurs

Against my better judgment, I actually paid enough attention to the spam to have made it worth their while, and even jumped on Amazon to buy a copy.  (I know – stupid – only encourages the very practice I can’t stand (spam)).


1. Wish companies would not regard spam as a valid marketing tool (although in this case I guess it achieved their objective, but from a customer’s perspective, 1 useful spam in 70,000 or more (probably a lot more) is a pretty crappy return.

2. Don’t spam people who can’t buy your product anyway!  Seems that Australians are blocked from buying this book.  Don’t know why but it gets really annoying to those of us down under when US companies deliberately choose to not sell in, or export to Australia.  That decision may not have been a conscious one in this case, but I have come across a number of examples of companies who have been approached to have their products imported into Australia, who have declined, preferring to sell only to the US/Canada/UK/EU marketplace.  Sure we have a comparatively small population, but why is our money shunned?

3. I hate spammers.

4. BTW – did anyone see the comment on this blog recently from “Steven” who accused me of being a spammer/marketer for Accu-line?  Hard to be a spammer if you didn’t send out an email!!

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