Random Orbital Sanders

The can of worms otherwise known as sanders is more of a Pandora’s box that I’m not ready to really spring the lid on.  Needless to say there are a whole range of different sanders out there, belt, 1/4 sheet, orbital, random orbital, finger…

The Random Orbital Sander (ROS) came into existence in the early 90’s and is particularly good at finishes without introducing swirl marks because of its random action. Where non-random sanders are not particularly useful above around 400 grit, the ROS can be used to 1200 and beyond.  They are not particularly suitable for bulk material removal – there are much more aggressive sanders out there.

Now that I’ve sold, given away, or had fail every ROS I had in my arsenal, I’m having to look around for a replacement (and that doesn’t rule out getting a replacement pad for the Triton ROS, from somewhere….)

After the recent experience with the Domino, I thought I’d check out the Festool range.  There are a few sanders in the collection, and the two most suitable are the Rotex and the ETS.

The Festool Rotex at a bit under $1000 is rather impressive (and is around 12x more expensive than the Triton!).


Rotex RO 150

The ETS 150/5 is around $580, so still 7x.  That may be the end of the story, except for the number of people (including finishing experts) that swear by the Festool.


ETS 150/5

Whether I am going to be able to go down this path or not is pretty up in the air at the moment – need to give it some serious thought.  Not sure what other options there are either (yet).  More investigation required!

Becoming Boxed In

No, not the shed (not yet!), but the Torque Workcentre!  The build is complete, and it is getting boxed for shipping to Melbourne first thing tomorrow – awesome news 🙂


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