Toy Kitchen Build

Got to kick the build of 2 kids’ kitchens on quite a way, and made extensive use of the Festool Domino in doing so. The precise, and repeatable placement of mortises really came into its own, and certainly helped a great deal with part alignment and project strength.


Module Sides

With 4 modules, all with identical sides it made the job even faster working out the position of the required Dominos, then repeating it for each unit.

To aid the layout, I found the Woodpeckers Story Stick absolutely invaluable.  It is the first time I’ve actually used the Story Stick in anger, and found it so relevant that I’d hesitate to say it is a much have if you are doing this sort of repeat work, particularly for larger constructs. The Incra Rules are perfect for smaller scale projects/jobs, and have also made a constant appearance on this build.  I find the Incra T Rules especially useful – inserting the 0.5mm pencil lead in the relevant hole for the required dimension, then slide the T Rule along the edge of the work to draw a line an exact distance in from the edge.


Using the Story Stick to Accurately Place Dominos


Repeatable Domino Placement

It is not just for dominos, but that was the application I was using it for.


Failed Triton ROS

I recently had the Triton ROS pad fail, rendering my TROS unusable, so had to resort to using an original Triton ROS that fits to the angle grinder.  This was new in packet, and fell apart after sanding just a single unit (poor tolerance control by the looks of it).  Frustration, and it has left me without any random orbital sander at all.  Just goes to show – you can’t have too many spare tools! 😉


Carcasses in Process

So here is where I got up to – the carcasses of the sink (smaller unit) and oven/stove (larger unit) assembled – dominoed and glued.  I’m making two complete kitchens – thus the doubling up.  They are made to the design and specification requested by the respective parents.  The units don’t look like much at the moment, but this is the important part – the frame that the features get added to.


Cutting Shelf Support with the Domino

The Festool Domino really dominated this build – with all the parts making up each unit having dominos to increase strength, and ensure alignment.  Some shelves in the units I wanted to be removable, but still being kid’s furniture, I didn’t want the shelves able to simply be pulled and slip out.  So instead I went with dominos as shelf supports, and then cut a domino slot into the edge of the shelf, half exposed.


Using Dominos as Shelf Support

At this point, I think it simply appropriate to say thanks to all the earlier converts who persevered and persisted, and finally convinced me that the Festool Domino was a machine worth having.  It certainly is. And I never expected to be saying that!

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