Dust Broom take 2

With an upgrade of the brackets and the addition of a handle, the prototype was ready to try.


Immediate Affirmation

In a couple of seconds, I was surprised just how successful it was proving.  In a very short space of time, the entire shop was returned to a semblance of normalcy.  It is also a bit of a shock to see just how much dust was there – the contrast was rather marked.  It really goes to show I shouldn’t use hand tools (particularly circular saws) without some attempt at dust extraction.  Between that, and a less-than-ideal dust collection on the router table, the workshop was obviously significantly covered in a uniform dust skin.


Dust Broom

The broom handle is….a broom handle – one of those $4 ones from the hardware store.  A block of wood screwed across two of the brackets that are holding the wheels has an angled hole drilled, then tapped with the wood thread kit, and a matching male thread cut into the end of the broom handle.

The 4″ hose is the ultra-flexible dust hose from Carbatec.  It looks a little clumsy, and perhaps I need to go to version 3 to get some more bugs out, but you know me – when a prototype works well enough, it tends to end up being the final version.


Broom Detail

Part of the problem I was having (I now discover), is the amount of downforce generated by the dusty was sucking the nozzle down onto the ground as the brackets were not strong enough.  These new ones are coping (just), and the rubber matting is getting pulled towards the nozzle.  It works exceptionally well on the concrete floor.  My initial thought about variable height is not an issue once the handle was fitted – pushing down on the handle causes the nozzle to lift (riding on the two back castors only) so larger particles can be collected easily.

So not bad – bet there is a better commercial version out there though!

3 Responses

  1. That looks rather like Cheeseoid from Mitchell & Webb

    • That’s just weird! Cheese/Peetrel (Petrol) and never getting it right – the petrol tank, and the robot suicide attempt were amusing 🙂
      I kind of think that my broom more resembles that small wheeled robot from Star Wars, or from Wall-E!

  2. I don’t know Stu, your version looks like it will handle router shavings and curl off the lathe better, if we are thinking of the same commercial one. The one I’m thinking of falls over and really only gets dust.

    BRAVO………..with all the hype of new tools of the decade we’re about to be bombarded with I’m voting for the new “Stu-Vac” shop accessory.

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