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So it has finally arrived – the first of the new Hands-On Wood Shows, Brisbane this weekend (Friday to Sunday).  Sad I can’t be there – hope you all have a blast!  Some things to keep an eye out for: Addictive Pens – I really like their circuit-board blanks, and the snake-skin ones (still haven’t had a chance to turn the ones I got from the Melbourne show – had other priorities).  Torque Workcentre – have a good look at what this machine can do (and that is a lot more than just a bit of surfacing) and why I’m looking forward to having one in my workshop. Kreg – I’m interested in seeing all the new product range that will become available through a new venture.  There are heaps more too.  Carrolls, Carbatec, Carbitool, Magswitch, Tormek etc etc Have a look at the Exhibitor List (pdf) – looks an impressive collection.

So have a great show!

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2 for 1: Stu’s Shed Special

Print out the PDF form and take it along on the day for you and a mate to get in for the price of a single ticket. The form is valid for Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

Router bit of the Month?

Ok, so neither a router lift, a digital height gauge or a starter are router bits, but as I didn’t specifically have any router bits to showcase this month, I’ve opted for the next best thing – accessories for the router table to improve the accuracy of the bits you have.

Fitting the Wixey Remote Readout to the UniLift

The UniLift precisely controls the height of your router bit, and by using a rule, or digital height scale you can get the height set very accurately, and also to change from one to the next.   To take it to the next level, you can also fit a digital height gauge with remote readout directly to the UniLift.  The Wixey Remote Readout can be used in other applications – wherever you have a linear motion (max 125mm) and want to have the position remotely displayed, to 0.5mm.


Moving bracket

The first thing I did was determine where the unit was going to fit, given the specific router I have, and that I want to be able to remove and replace the entire lift with readout attached.  I fitted the bracket in a hole that is predrilled for this purpose, then bent it to the angle I required.


Isolating Screws

The Triton router is quite electronically noisy, and as it has been found to cause some interference with the Wixey digital readouts, it is necessary to electrically isolate the mechanism from the router.  Plastic bolts, nuts and washers are provided for this.


Wixey Sensor Fitted

I drilled a partial-depth hole into the underside of the router plate, and fitted the electronic rule (the green circuit board), and screwed the moving sensor to the bracket.  Now all that was needed was to plug in the Cat5 cable from the remote readout, and I had precise, digitally accurate relative height measurement for the router.


Ultimate Table Upgrade Components

So here are the components I’ve added to continue the router table upgrade (shown in the tablesaw mount – I’ll wait for the Torque Workcentre fitting before inserting the plate into my recently machined cast iron router top).  It consists of the Woodpeckers UniLift, Wixey Digital Remote Readout, and the Pro Router Switch all from Professional Woodworkers Supplies.  The switch is a no-volt release 10A switch (so it doesn’t automatically turn back on after a power outage), with illuminated lights for the on and off switches.


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