Enough Torque, More Action

Not that the build-to-order time is at all unreasonable (actually pretty quick) – I just can’t wait for the unit to be completed!

I keep thinking of other ways the unit may be used, and am keen to see what ideas will work, and which may not.

My latest ideas include:

– a form of Bas-Relief of a Stu’s Shed sign, using a real blade set at an angle as the template for that portion of the sign,

– using the Carb-i-tool 3D Router Carver templates with the copy attachment as an easier way of producing those designs (I think that will work exceptionally well),

– using a copy atttachment that has the ability to fit different bearing sizes so the same template can be used for different effects

– creating a pantograph for use with the copy attachment for scaling patterns/templates both up and down

– doing some sort of spirograph effect

– using some form of rudamentary lathe (basically just to hold the work) with an index ring for overhead routing of round objects – such as creating a fluted column or the like

– expanding that concept, with a gear on the lathe, and a second on a thread controlling the x-position of the router, and you can now rout a helix.  No I haven’t explained that at all well – I know what I mean though 🙂

– 3D object duplication – using the Torque as a wood mill (as in a metal mill for wood)

There are lots of possibilities once you have solid control over an overhead-mounted router.


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