A non-woodworker’s perspective

I had a cousin visiting today, who has had little exposure to woodworking, and certainly nothing to the scale of the sort of machines I have (and many other woodworkers have) in the shed.  As he mentioned, he has a single hand plane, and yet out there, there is something in the order of 10 planes, powered and unpowered, including planers and thicknessers (and my collection is nothing compared to many out there!)

It was actually quite fun showing someone around who was both really interested, and yet completely unaware of the existence of many of the machines I was showing.  He particularly enjoyed the framing nailgun – getting to fire 75mm nails into the wooden frame of the shed.

Getting to see the shed from a non-woodworker’s perspective really reminded me about just how enjoyable woodworking is – it is easy to become complacent about how capable our sheds are, and the skills that we have learned and refined over the years.  I still know I have an incredibly long way to go to reach the levels of competency I strive for, but this experience reminded me of how far I’ve also been fortunate to have been able to travel so far.

4 Responses

  1. Gidday Stu,
    I feel that I too have become complacent regarding the size and capabilities of my Shed. That is until someone else looks and actually sees what there is in there. As you know from your recent visit, there is a lot of stuff in my shed. I consider myself blessed that I have such a great place to continue my journey with woodworking.

    • I’ve really picked up on that as a perspective as well, just from showing one person around the workshop. As much as I’d like more gear, a bigger shed etc etc, there is no doubt the capability of the shed I have is pretty amazing, and it is up to me and my skill set what I actually achieve out there.

  2. Yeah it’s all too easy to forget what it was like when you were constantly buying a new tool for every little job. When you have it all at your fingertips, you start to take it for granted.

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