A Bank Demonstrates Real Values??!!!

BankWest in Australia has recently conducted a shed survey across the country, with some interesting results – the most surprising being that a bank has actually looked up from their own navels and had a look at something that has importance to a number of its customers.

Bankwest Shed Index
4 September 2009

Today Bankwest released the latest research in its Social Indicator Series, the inaugural “Shed Index”.

So who is the typical shed user? 90% of primary shed users are men, spending two hours or less a week in the shed, generally wood turning, spray painting with some even installing a stereo or bar fridge to hang out in their backyard refuge.

The “Shed Index” also revealed some disturbing facts around sheds. Five per cent of sheds have been burgled, with thieves taking off with on average, contents worth $1,911, 16 per cent of men reported they had an accident in their shed, with one in five needing a trip to the doctors.

Whether women do or do not understand the importance of the Great Aussie Shed, there is no doubt that “shed time” is actually good for relationships with three out of four men said their partner didn’t mind them spending time in the back yard.

Interesting “Great Aussie Shed” Facts

* 65% of shed owners enjoy their shed time.
* Contents of the average shed are worth $8,908.00.
* 23% of men say the global financial crisis has stopped them buying tools for their shed (good hint for Father’s Day gifts).
* 6% of men say they’ve used part of the government’s stimulus package for their shed.
* 20% say their proudest achievement in their shed is building furniture.

Download a copy of the full report and a breakdown on each state below:

* Sheds National
* Sheds NSW
* Sheds VIC
* Sheds QLD
* Sheds WA
* Sheds SA
* Shed Results


Thanks for the heads-up Glenn!

2 Responses

  1. Not that I really give a rat’s either way but, again, Tasmania misses out on a national survey as if half a million Australians make no difference! Actually there are no sheds here at all; just dark bark humpies where, after a hearty meal of roast insurance salesman, troglodytic ex-convicts lurk and hew primitive boxes from huon pine and sassafras with blunt chisels and bent hammers. God knows what we’d be doing if we hadn’t invented daylight saving.

    …er… sorry about that – I don’t know what came over me.

    • Yeah – again a very strange omission, and without any actual basis for it, I’d imagine there is a disproportionate number of sheds, and well equipped shed too down there.

      However, I’m not necessarily disappointed by Tassie being overlooked for things – the less people who know about the treasure down there the better, as I’m hoping one day to find myself down there in an environment still very much under populated, with resources that have not been depleted by overuse. Things like the trails, the forests, the environment unspoiled by too many feet, too many selfish hands.

      So if it gets overlooked again, it is a blessing, not a curse!

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