Tormek SVD-185 Manufacturing Fault

As pointed out by Tormek, a manufacturing error has been discovered on jigs delivered between January 1st and September 22nd 2009. It may only affect a small number of users, and has been rectified on all current and new stock.

On these jigs the setting arrow has been shifted and is located about 16 mm (5/8″) from the edge. The arrow should be 20 mm (.79″) from the edge. This error causes the profiles to differ from those in the instruction.

If you have one of these jigs, you can either make a new mark yourself with a marker pen or contact Tormek to receive a label which you can attach to the jig with the correct position of the arrow.


SVD-185 Arrow Placement

Just checked mine (can’t remember specifically when I purchased it), but it looks like it was the older stock and not a problem.

Brisbane Hands On Show

Just had a brief email from the organisers – discussions about the Melbourne (and Sydney?) shows, but just thought I’d pass on one comment from the email:

Brisbane is full to the rafters! – there isn’t a square metre of the venue that isn’t occupied by a tool, machine or burl – exciting times………..
The woodies are going to love it

So I’m jealous of those of you who are going to get to this inaugural event – you know what I think of wood shows in general, and this sounds like it will be a great event.  If you get to go and get some photos, send a few classics down (only if you are happy with me putting them on Stu’s Shed – include some text in the email giving me permission to reproduce your photos).  I’m really interested in seeing what it looks like, and how it differs from the Timber & Working with Wood shows.

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