Festool Domino Accessories

Like any tool, the Domino can definitely benefit from jigs, and Festool have produced some to add to the capabilities of the basic machine.


Festool Domino Additional Stop / Support Bracket

The Additional Stop provides extra support for the Domino when used vertically.  It screws directly into the base of the Domino.  It is particularly useful when cutting mortises near the edge of a thin board, where the mitre fence has very little support on the edge of the thin board.


Additional Stop / Support Bracket

The Additional Stop has flip-up indexing to provide additional indexing in from the edge of the board.


Festool Domino Trim Stop

The Trim Stop is good for thin strips (between 22 and 70mm)


Trim Stop


Festool Domino Cross Stop

Occasionally you need additional range for precise indexing from an edge of the project.  The Cross Stops connect to the Domino with a dovetail connector and cam latch.  The indexing points can be moved along the length of the arms, with a v groove edge to assist consistent placement.


Cross Stop

There is also the Handrail Fence (describing a typical function, not what it is actually for – mortising into round stock)


Festool Domino Handrail Fence

Unfortunately the two raised portions are not movable, and deal only with stock between 35 and 60mm diameter.  I’m thinking of ways of getting to manage smaller diameter dowels, but it seems a pity the jig needs customisation.

All these jigs (except the Handrail Fence) come in the Domino Kit from Ideal Tools, or can be purchased individually as required.

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