Missing your shed?

Sitting at your desk job, feeling stressed because you can’t make sawdust?  Here is the perfect little gift for a woodworker – a Zen-like desk plane from Professional Woodworkers Supplies.


Stress Relief for Desk-Bound Woodworkers

These are so new that they are not on their website yet (update – they are now), but my guess is they will be very popular for Christmas (or any other excuse!), so if you are looking to get one, I would be ringing and placing your order so as not to miss out on the first shipment.  I have a box in my office where I’ve been emptying the shavings (in addition to the catch tray under the mount) – it is that addictive!  Oh, and I even bought my fine diamond hones in to work today, just to give the blade a touch-up.

It comes with a couple of initial planing blocks, although it would be very easy to make replacement ones once you’ve planed the first two in a flurry of stress relieving shavings.

It complements the Radius Plane as well, so at the moment both are sitting on my desk, surrounded by the evidence of their use.

Radius Plane

Radius Plane

(Oh, and if you were wondering about the different viewpoint and computer between the photo and the video – yeah, I have more than one computer in my office – 10 at last count, from the very ancient to the very modern, and from the very small to the….not quite so small).

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