Sex, Lies and Videotape

Ok, so I lied about the sex!

What I do have for you are a few short video clips that I shot during my trip to see the Torque Workcentre.

This first one is when I had a chance to try some surfacing.  It is one thing to see how easy it looks at the wood shows, it is another experience altogether to try it for yourself.  The router is so controlled, so in control.  Instead of having to fight the router (it does try to twist and move like a small animal (with big teeth)) when handholding it, this felt so easy.  As I was holding the bar and applying steady controlled pressure, it was so easy to pull the router through the operation.  Like table-mounted and handheld routing, you listen to the motor, let the router talk to you about how much pressure is reasonable, how much load you are placing on the machine and the router bit.  It was one of those “yeah, this thing has real potential” moments.

In this second video, Larry demonstrates the copy attachment, and uses it to carve a relief letter.  And not one of those standard, boring ones either that you get with signwriter kits.  A real one, in an Old-English font.

This next video uses the various stops to control the maximum movement of the router to cause a border to be cut around a bas-relief letter.

Larry then goes onto a bit of (semi) freehand, with the board located on the (removable) pin so it rotates, but then he goes off with a bit of “creativity” to make something akin to an Aztec calendar design (very loosely speaking!)

Finally, Larry uses the pinned board for a more traditional process – cutting a circle, and then another to make a wooden ring.  If you did this for real, you could then rebate out the back for an inset mirror or photo (or whatever!)  Either that, or Larry turns hoon, and does some doughnuts with the Torque Workcentre 🙂

SSYTC025 Stress Relief Plane

SSYTC017 Larry does Doughnuts

SSYTC016 Larry makes Aztec Art

SSYTC022 Using the Stops

SSYTC014 Larry Carves an L

SSYTC020 Stu does some Surfacing

SSYTC012 Lazy Larry Woodworks Shed Tour

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