Some deals from Tormek

Starting November 1, Tormek Australia are giving away a Gränsfors Hand Axe with each T7 Sharpener sold.  Worth around $140, individually forged, these certainly look the part – I wonder if they will encourage a resurgence in the art of making rustic furniture?!

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They are also giving away a second XB-100 (horizontal base) with each BGM-100 sold.  The BGM-100 represents a shift in the thinking by Tormek, where in the past they only promoted the idea of slow-speed whetstone sharpeners, they are now recognising that there is a place for the high-speed grinders as well for initial tool shaping, and so that you can achieve the optimum shape of your tool before final sharpening on the slow-speed, you’d be best off being able to use the Tormek jigs on your high-speed grinder.  The XB-100 spare base means you will be able to set up both your grinder wheels with the ability to fit the support arm.  If you need to remove a lot of metal to create the initial shape of your tool, you might as well not waste any more of the expensive whetstone wheel than is necessary. Click here for a press release on the BGM-100

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I’m planning reviews of both the T7 and the BGM-100 in the near future, so hopefully will be able to show you just why they are so well regarded, and how the BGM-100 complements the slow-speed sharpener method.

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