Episode 54 Dust

Episode 54 Dust

Talking about protecting yourself from dust. The cloud gets generated by taking the Festool Termite to a piece of MDF.

Sorry about the pelting rain in the background – for a country in a 10 year drought, it seems to rain at very inopportune times!

This video features the Dust-Bee-Gone and Microclene MC1000 air filter.  The work is done on top of the Walko Workbench.

4 Responses

  1. Nice vid. I find the green rubber masks very uncomfortable around the nose (and it is an average nose I think!) and not particularly good around my beard. Where do I find the “Dust Be Gone” masks?

  2. …er…just answered my own dumb question by swivelling the eyes 2 inches to the left of the video post!

  3. A day after watching your dust video I came across this Eagle America dust solution including short video.
    Was not overly impressed.
    The most important time to wear a mask is when cleaning/emptying air scrubber filters and dust extractor bags.
    I note you did not refer to the old Triton (and other brands) helmet and belt breathin equipment.
    Very good video.

    • I see what you mean- of all the dust generated, very little appeared to come back down, but that is as much poor placement, and that they should fit a deflector to the saw which would help a lot.

      If you don’t treat it as a fine-particle collector, and more of a heavy particle one, that would be a start, but as I’m guessing you have, my concern would be in the minimum particle size it will stop. I’m assuming they mean it will collect “down” to 5 micron, not “up to”! That means it is efficiently aerosolising everything smaller, where it might have otherwise had a chance to settle post-tool.

      If it were to be able to filter smaller particles, then it may have too much back-pressure being created in the bag to ensure new particles were effectively trapped, and they could leak out past the fan (and once the fan is turned off……)

      Like wearing a nuisance mask when a P2 grade filter is called for.

      Regarding the Triton dust mask – good pickup – it’s been so long since I used it, I’d forgotten about it altogether!

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