Triton Biscuits

Crying over your Triton Router Table and Biscuit Joiner because you can’t get Triton biscuits any more?

Don’t risk rusting your tools out – the biscuits are still available, directly from the actual manufacturer of the Triton biscuits.


The Size 7 Biscuits from BIX – an Australian Biscuit Manufacturer are the Triton biscuits.

3 Responses

  1. What is the price of these biscuits please?

    • Follow the link to the seller’s website – I have nothing to do with them, or of the price.

      Carbatec may also be selling Triton branded ones again too – worth checking out.

  2. The link above isn’t working but I found the company BIX via and ordered a box online, delivery included (1000 for about $50)

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