Unwelcome Visitor Part Deux

Last night while working out there, I heard quite a bit of banging and rustling, and I was pretty convinced it was outside the shed, so I blocked the hole (and did a pretty good job of it).

Turns out I was wrong.

The possum was inside after all.

And he certainly let me know it!  When I went out tonight, there was stuff EVERYWHERE!  The possum has obviously run along every flat surface in the workshop, knocking stuff all over the place (and leaving plenty of possum presents at the same time).

So I spent a good 30 minutes searching, fruitlessly.

Finally I gave up, and got the job done that I had gone out to do.  Just before locking up, I checked on the blocked hole. Turns out I was wrong about that too.  Despite really jamming a board in there, the possum has bent the wall of the shed itself, and has forced its way out through the hole it knew was there.

I reblocked the hole, and hopefully this will be the end of it.  One possum = one big mess!

Triton Biscuits

Crying over your Triton Router Table and Biscuit Joiner because you can’t get Triton biscuits any more?

Don’t risk rusting your tools out – the biscuits are still available, directly from the actual manufacturer of the Triton biscuits.


The Size 7 Biscuits from BIX – an Australian Biscuit Manufacturer are the Triton biscuits.

A Wrap

Been a big week, and it is only Tuesday (ok- now Wednesday – fell asleep while writing this!)  Decided on Saturday that it was time for me to hand over the reins of the courses I was running at Holmesglen Tafe.  The courses are in safe hands however – a friend of mine is taking over (also an ex-Triton demonstrator), and given he still has a Triton workshop, he’s more qualified than I am these days!

My Triton equipment decreased by one the other day – the pad on my ROS parted company from the tool, and given the lack of Triton spares, the ROS is now relegated to the “no longer useful” corner.  May get around to finding a new pad for it one day, or adapting it to something else – who knows.  The batteries on the Triton drill also died a-ways back, so that has been retired as well. It’s going to be a long hard road for Triton to return, when even the ever-faithful are loosing faith.

The Melbourne Timber and Working with Wood Show is on again this weekend (Friday to Sunday) at the Melbourne Show Grounds.  I’m going to be there – you’ll find me with MagSwitch on the Carbatec Stand.  There will be a number of the MagFence kits available (I really like the kit – the fence for the bandsaw particularly, plus it comes with two MagJigs which can be used in any number of home-made jigs as well), but don’t leave it too long- they do sell out! They have been proving VERY popular ever since they were released. Don’t forget the “Universal Featherboard” and other new releases as well.

MagFence Combo Kit by MagSwitch

MagFence Combo Kit by MagSwitch

If you have been wondering about the merits of MagSwitch, I’m more than happy to have a frank discussion about them.  I find them to be really useful in my workshop for all sorts of reasons, and I have a number of jigs based around them which I will be bringing to the show.  I might even bring my MagBroom along (just don’t laugh at it too much – it does actually do the job I intended!)

It is good to see all the woodworking companies that are at the show – I’ll be sure to check out all the timber or woodworking products, or woodworking techniques being promoted by the various exhibitors.  I’m particularly interested in seeing the relevance of “Amazing Super Health” or “Step Forward Orthotics” for woodworkers.  There are not too many irrelevant exhibitors when you go through the list, just don’t understand why they are allowed at all.

The Floorplan and Exhibitors List are here, so you can plan your assault.

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