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I keep getting emails from Everything Exhibitions and Events, but all it ever is on my computer is a large lump of purple.

Picture 1Guess the wood show isn’t MacMail compatible (at least not on my computer!)

Router Wing on the Tablesaw

Some ways back, I mentioned that my original router table top (an old laminated style now discontinued by Professional Woodworkers Supplies) had been decommissioned, and it was looking for a new home.  By the time I had finished with it (and the new table was starting to come together), that potential home had disappeared so I was left with an approx 600mm wide by 1100mm long table.  I decided then to make some drastic modifications to it (shortening it by a significant amount), so it would fit as a wing to my tablesaw.

Even so, it took an age longer before I was able to work out how I was going to actually mount it securely.  I have (finally) achieved that, and so it is now a secondary point in the shed where I can do table-mounted routing.

This may seem like overkill, but the 2 tables (the stand-alone and the tablesaw wing) can now serve different purposes.  Where it comes to typical tasks, the router table is ideal.  Where it comes to routing long lengths, it is much more convenient for the material to approach the router bit in the same way as it does the table saw – sliding along a substantial fence, with a large infeed and outfeed area.  The wing on the tablesaw gives me that, in spades.

Router Wing with Tablesaw Fence

Router Wing with Tablesaw Fence

I have also found that I am once again using the original homemade router table fence I came up with before getting the Incra Wonderfence.  It is straight, has a decent opening for the router bit, and can be clamped easily to the tablesaw fence.  In time I will work out a better way of securing the router fence to the tablesaw.  Also need some improvement to the dust collection…..

Router Wing

Router Wing

The way that I have done this means there is still a couple of short lengths of track at the back end of the table if I do want to use the Incra LS Positioner on this wing (however unlikely).  Where it is placed is not ideal for normal routing tasks, but that was never my intention – I have the stand-alone router table for that.

This is the first time I have tried using this wing, and other than chip collection issues, it worked exactly as intended.

Parity Approaches

The all -important cycle for woodworkers in Australia, when the cycle of the dollar means that the Australian dollar gets close to the US dollar (and this time there is talk that parity will be achieved – that it will be 1:1)

This has a huge impact on the price of many woodworking tools in Australia, and makes for an exceptional time to be investing in the larger machines – providing effectively a 20% discount in addition to any other deals you can wrangle.  This won’t affect all pricing, but as much of the imports are handled in $US, these will be impacted (in our favour!)

Everyone have their shopping lists ready?

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