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  1. If I won tatslotto it would be world cruise or Festool

  2. Is it Chopper’s shed, or Stu Reed

    • Hi Stu,

      Just wondering, what did you get with the domino, accessories wise, or what do you think is worth getting as a first timer.


      • Does come down to what you can afford obviously, but after attending the Domino course and the Hall Table course at Ideal Tools, we used all the accessories (bar one), and for the Hall Table I used most of the domino sizes, including the 4mm (for the contrasting end on the legs).

        So I went with the complete kit

        Which means I have a Systainer for storing the dominos all sorted, and in future means I will just refill whichever compartment becomes empty (whichever dominos I am primarily using), while still having the other sizes when they become needed.

        The only accessory that isn’t included is the Handrail Fence – not sure where that is useful (yet), and it didn’t make an appearance at either course. As to the rest, they all found a use when I was doing my hall table, and given that was a pretty straight-forward project, I have no doubt the accessories will be used often as the situation (and project) dictates.

  3. Lucky bugger! Did you get my letter telling you that I’m moving in to your shed? 😉

  4. I love the gear but the pricing really puts me off and I am not talking about the fact that Festool cost more.

    DOMINO DF500 Joiner US price $775.00.
    Price in AUS $1,350.00
    Exchange rate AU$0.90 = US$1.00
    I would get if from overseas if it wasn’t for Festool’s no international sale policy.

    And then there are other pricing madness:
    55 Saw + Basic unit (table) + saw module (table top) = $3139
    The above in a kit = $2095
    Forcing you to buy the kit then sell the extra saw if you already have the saw from another kit.

  5. Who can explain the following? Festool is made in Germany where the voltage is 240v. The price of Festool products in Australia (240v) is comparable to the prices in Germany. However, Festool products need to be made in 110v for sale in the USA, and this can apparently be done (in Germany) for nearly half the price! Give me a break!

    • I would be looking at a volume/sales approach for understanding this. The market and sales volume in the US is significantly larger than that in Australia. Would be interested in seeing some stats from Festool on this but that would be my assumption on understanding the price differences.

      Either way, I’m happy to pay Aussie prices for Festool equipment, particularily because it’s so damned good!

      • It is hard to justify paying this amount of money if you not a prefessional woodworker or rolling in money.
        Also read on American sites that prices are lower in America because of competition from their top end of the maket. so prces are lower than in Germany.

  6. Good on you for the purchase Stu, it wasn’t hard to see that comming after seeing that lovely hall table you made.
    Lets hope the suppliers in Australia recognise the need to reduce prices now the Aussie dollar has just about reached the $1 US mark. Though there are still a lot who seem to think we can’t do the math, means most of us will go elsewhere to spend our hard earned cash. NOT just for the top end stuff like festool, but the other inports as well, like woodpecker etc.
    Looking forward to seeing what is created with the domino now it has a new home!

  7. DAS IST FESTOOL!. *pew pew pew*

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