3 More Sleeps

Until the Alternate Wood Show begins in South-East Melbourne, at the Woodworking Warehouse, 11 Citrus Street, Braeside.

Friday 10am to 4pm and Saturday 10am to 3pm.

I’ll be there both days, demonstrating a range of things, including the Inlay Template Kit, Mortise Pal, Walko Workbench,  3D Drill Bits, Converter Pro Calculators, 1.6mm Radius Plane etc etc.

Some very good specials will be available, other demonstrations, BBQ, lots of tools large and small, no entry fee: how can you go wrong?

Microscopic Anatomy of Hardwood

I was sent this link recently by someone I gather is one of the researchers on this project (saw their byline on some of the microscopic photos).  It is significantly more detailed than ever needed for woodworking (microscopic photos of over 5000 hardwoods), but I thought I’d post it anyway – might be of benefit to someone.

Some people sure do some serious research into timbers!


Banner Change

Like the new banner? Prefer the old one? Hadn’t noticed?

Felt like it was time for a change, so have unfurled the latest site banner (think this is #4).

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