Reviews Off, Tools On

Over the past couple of days, I have been plodding along in the background creating quite a time-intensive replacement for the Reviews section.  It was seriously out-of-date, and getting worse by the day.

So the Reviews tab at the top of the site has now vanished, and has been replaced by a “Tools” tab. (This name is not locked in – if you think there is a better name, let me know, so long as it is short).

It is meant to be a better reflection of the culture of this website too – as much as I do review tools, I think there is a large benefit in seeing tools actually being used being the best endorsement, and not just a breakdown of the tool itself.  After all- when we want to know whether to get a tool for ourselves, it is so much better to get the opinion of someone who owns and uses the tool (and their reasons why), than reading the commercial copy / advertising that surrounds an addition to the market.

That is not to say that where I do review tools that will cease.  What will happen (and has already for those listed), is one of the articles linked will be the actual review, but there are also links to other articles where the tool can be seen in actual use.  Over time this will give you a much better appreciation of just how any given tool is working in a real workshop environment.  (And by tool, I mean everything, including courses, and even iPhone Applications that are relevant to the workshop).  Where the article is a video, this is listed separately – some will have articles (A1 A2 etc), some videos (V1 V2), and some will have both!  Some don’t have either for one reason or another, so I guess you can take that as being reviews/articles that are in various stages of progress!

Let me know what you think.

Oh, and I will get around to changing the order of the titles at some stage, but I’m well and truly over writing HTML for a day or so!!!

2 Responses

  1. I like the new look, a few comments:
    There are some product numbers without descriptions such as Tormek SVA-170.
    It would also be good if you had an “In my Shed” section for tools that are currently in use, you could even add a time line so you can see how you progresses with certain systems (eg Triton to dedicated equipment).

    • Good points!

      Really like the timeline idea – that will be a test of my memory (at least until I started blogging, then it is all documented!)

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