Dusting off the Router Table

It has been a rather long process, and I’m not (quite) there yet, but at least the top is well in the final straight.  I’ve a few holes to drill and that is about the last step in the process.  The top is about as flat as I can get it (there are some commercial versions out there, but you certainly pay for the privilege).  It could be machined even flatter, but I’ll wait until the router table is recommissioned before making any further decisions about what it may still require.

Drilling Holes in Newly Machined Top

Drilling Holes in Newly Machined Top

Speaking of recommissioning, as you can see I have returned the Pro Drill Press Table to operation.  I am going to reinforce the top of the Drill Press Table to minimise any flex, but it is back.

Large, flat router table top

Large, flat router table top

Large flat tabletop, with the insert cut out.  There is the capability to mount 2 routers under this table.

Lookin' Good!

Lookin' Good!

2 Responses

  1. Looking good Stuart. What’s the base/cabinet you have it on?

    • It’s an old jointer cabinet that I found in the Carbatec entrance with a $50 price sticker on it. With some grinding and cutting I (think) it will get me where I want to be, and the whole unit will end up looking as much like a commercially produced tool as the rest of the shop.

      Strange how router tables are treated as a 2nd class citizen by many manufacturers – they produce something that kind of works, but the proliferation of after-market router tables, and router table plans out there shows there is a need that isn’t being adequately covered. Case in point is this table, where to get the large, flat, cast iron top that I wanted I’ve had to repurpose other items.

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