Handclamp collection

Having a look at your current collection of handclamps, was it planned, or is it a smorgasbord of various brands, styles and types that was based on price at the time, what caught your eye etc?


Dropped into Mitre 10 Mega (Chelsea Heights) to research an article I’m writing, and happened to notice that they have a GMC Biscuit joiner on special for about $80.

The other item I saw on special I wasn’t aware had even made it to the marketplace, which is their 90 second charging screwdriver. This is a driver I use a lot in my workshop. It has good torque, and can go from fully flat to fully charged in 90 seconds. It is in the box in the back of the photo – it is a straight body only, and about $69.50 (down from $99).  They look to have 2

5.4V from memory. If I didn’t already have one, I’d have been seriously tempted.

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