On Course

As much as I didn’t want for the very next day after achieving the milestone to be quiet online, the timing was unfortunate.  I’ve been on the Ideal Tools Hall Table Course, and have been putting all my energy into that.

It always takes some time to become comfortable in someone else’s workshop – it is surprising just how familiar one becomes with their own tools, and machines.  The idiosyncrasies of each – minor adjustments etc that are second nature on ones own machines have to be relearned in another workshop.

It is curious just how much flak Triton tools get and comparison to “real” workshop tablesaws etc.  When you look at the Festool shop tools (tablesaw, jigsaw table, router table), I can see a lot of similarity in the concept, and even more so in operating them.  Doing a rip cut on a Festool reminded me much more of doing one on a Triton (except for the noise!) than performing a rip on my 250kg cast iron topped tablesaw. That isn’t a criticism of either however.  I have also seen some things / techniques etc this weekend that really demonstrated the Festool system’s capabilities.

Not to preempt an article coming soon, but seeing a belt sander being used successfully, and in a controlled method for fine furniture was just one thing I had challenge my ideas of tool use, and applicability.

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