1/2 Million Visitor Milestone Achieved

At approximately 2145 AEST, Stu’s Shed has passed the 500,000 visitor mark.  Thank you ball boys, thank you linesmen.

Actually, all thanks to you, my surprisingly persistent, surprisingly loyal readers! Without you, this site most certainly would not, nor continue to exist. It is only by your frequent visits, comments etc that this site continues to thrive and grow.

The competition for the $A1000 in prizes is now officially closed – an amazing number of entries in the final day, and 560 entries in total!  Awesome!  It now falls to me to collate all of them, work out what the draws are finally, conduct them, announce winners, and dispatch prizes! I cannot do it tonight however – I am exhausted after a full day in the Ideal Tools Workshop, attending the Hall Table course. Lots of information is being gleaned from there as well, and will also be made available soon!

I will endeavour to get the prize winners decided asap, but if it ends up being Monday, please don’t think too badly of me – I’m generating new content as fast as possible!

So thanks again to all those who entered, and to all those who made up one or more of the 1/2 million visit total, as well as the sponsors of the competition. The support from all quarters is hugely appreciated.


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James Krenov

Looking for confirmation as to the health of Krenov- there are some unsubstantiated reports of his death (4:30am AEST).

Update (news confirmed 9:14am AEST) – sadly, and as is now being widely reported I can confirm that James Krenov has died, with confirmation being received (via Australian Wood Review who featured an interview done with him only recently in their current edition) from Britta Krenov. Another great has been lost to the woodworking community.

To quote directly from www.woodreview.com.au, who’s interview now turns out to be James’ last:

Australian Wood Review is very sad to report that James Krenov passed away on September 9—thankfully peacefully, according to his beloved wife Britta.

In May this year I was fortunate enough to speak to James Krenov. In the space of a long conversation I came to understand why Krenov has inspired and will continue to inspire a legion of people to follow their passion, and in so doing learn not just more about woodworking, but about themselves.

Regrettably, the final paragraph of what is now James Krenov’s last interview, reads as a parting message for everyone who read his books and was inspired by his work and his attitudes:

So it’s more about the journey than the destination?
‘Yes. And now I feel I’m an old enthusiast and that’s the way I want to go away—not enthusiastically departing!—but with that enthusiasm, and curiosity. I think that most craftspeople who achieve something—in terms of being respected and revered—know the intimacies of the material and the intimate connections between that endless source of discovery that’s in the material, and how to live with it and use it in a way that’s enjoyable. I’m a wood nut, you know! People used to say “The guy’s got a love affair with wood and you can’t live with him. If a shipment of wood arrives he’s all over it with his ruler and saw and writing his name on all the boards”. But it’s been a wonderful life.’

We offer our sincere condolences to James Krenov’s family and friends,
Linda Nathan, Editor
Australian Wood Review

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