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I have been knocking around the idea of an email newsletter from Stu’s Shed – such as a weekly or monthly summary of posts/articles/discussions, summary of upcoming events, and any current specials etc available for Stu’s Shed readers (from companies supporting Stu’s Shed).

I am interested in your feedback – is this something you might be interested in?  I will not be using ANY email addresses I currently have to generate the mailing list – you will need to separately register (there is NO WAY I am going to do anything that even hints of spam!), and obviously that also means opting out if you decide not to continue is right up there in importance.

Answering the survey commits you to nothing – I’m looking only for a show of interest to see if I should pursue the concept further.

Entering Endgame

For 2 weeks, the competition for $A1000 in prizes has been running to celebrate 1/2 a million visitors to Stu’s Shed.

If you haven’t gotten your entry in, better not leave it much longer – only about 24-36 hours to go!  To enter, click on the 500000 link at the top of the website, and add a comment as to what prize you’d like to be in the running for.

Thanks to the sponsors of the competition – your generosity to Stu’s Shed and its visitors (and regulars) is very much appreciated!

As the competition ends, if you didn’t win your dream prize, don’t forget you can always visit the suppliers of the prizes to get your own – it might not be for free, but they are all quite reasonably priced, and are definite assets to your own sheds!

You’ve also seen how easy it is to comment on Stu’s Shed – feel free to continue doing so!

The tension is building – many great prizes…….who…….when……… 🙂

With about 1800 more to go, it wouldn’t even take a record day for it to go off today……

(As of yesterday, the total number of visitors this year has already passed the whole of 2008)

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