Friday is the day (I think)

Looking at the stats, and with 2300 more visits to go, it is almost undoubtedly going to go off on Friday.  So if you haven’t entered today, then you have a chance to get 3 more entries in (so long as you don’t leave you Friday entry too late!)  Once I close the comp, there will be no opportunity to add your final entry!

Some very cool tools in the mix:

1. US style Triton Router Collet (with both the 1/2″ and 1/4″ fittings) – Donated by Stu’s Shed
2. Rocker Bench Cookies (set of 4) – Donated by Rockler in the USA
3. Slimline Pen Kit – Donated by Stu’s Shed
4. Shopclass Series – Shaper DVD – Donated by Stu’s Shed
5. Shopclass Series – Lathe DVD – Donated by Stu’s Shed
6. Lidwig X4 Clamp – Donated by Lidwig Clamps
7. Lidwig X5 Clamp – Donated by Lidwig Clamps
8. Lidwig Claw – Donated by Lidwig Clamps
9. MagSwitch 30mm MagJig – Donated by MagSwitch
10. Whiteside Inlay Kit – Donated by Professional Woodworkers Supplies
11. CarBeeSharp – take anywhere carbide sharpener – Donated by Carbatec
12. Rali – Swiss Scraper – Donated by Carbatec
13. Rali – Swiss Handplane – Donated by Carbatec
14. Veritas Microadjust Wheel Marking Gauge – Donated by Carbatec
15. DMT Diamond Whetstone (Fine Grit – 600 mesh, 25 micron) – Donated by Carbatec
16. Annual Subscription to Australian Wood Review – Donated by AWR (2 on offer)
17. $100 off ANY Short Course run by the Holmesglen TAFE, Melbourne – Donated by Holmesglen Short Courses
18. Dust Bee Gone dust mask – Donated by Microclene Australia

Around $A1000 in prizes!

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