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The Melbourne Timber and Working with Wood show is almost upon us once again, and I’m definitely there (demonstrating (probably MagSwitch)), but I’ve said for a long time: one show a year is just not enough – from a punter’s point-of-view the more the merrier – I really enjoy them, so getting to more than one make for a good year.

So it is pretty cool that there is now a second show coming – the Hands-On Expo. It is touted as 4 shows in 1, and it is approaching the whole show concept from a different direction: what we like when we go to a show is to be informed, instructed, entertained (and get plenty of discounts and hands-on access to tools we often don’t get to see first-hand). So seeing stuff being done with tools, rather than them just being wrapped in plastic on a shelf is what we need!

handsonThe reason it is being promoted as 4 shows in 1, is it is not just woodworking, there is also auto & metalworking (and they are often closely related in your typical backyard shed), DIY and careers.

(And it isn’t like the old show doesn’t have these topics too – how many wood shows have had the “Overhead painter” guy, the “cutting tin with a nibbler” guy, the “I’ll polish your boots even though they are workboots and are meant to look like crap” girl, the “you really need to prune high branches” people and the “do you need a massage” family?)

But this show isn’t designed as a wood show with space fillers- it is really recognising that we shed dwellers have a wide range of individual interests, and is providing something for everyone.  There are wood turning demos, car panel work, welding demos, etc etc – it is going to be full on!  Almost like you need to go all 3 days, and focus on a different aspect of the show each day (I might get some new welding tips!)

Things have not been locked in, but I am hoping to be able to bring you some form of entry discount, probably a form you print out and use to get money off the entry price.

I’ve also been asked if I would like a stand at the show (how cool would THAT be?!!) but I need to work out how to afford to do it (working at the wood show is my shed pocket money for the year, and flights etc also cost).  I also have to work out what I’d actually be doing there – me just standing around would be pretty boring, so if you have some ideas on any of the above, fire em in!  If there was a Stu’s Shed stand, what would you want to see on that stand?

So, in one form or another, I will definitely be at the Melbourne show, and would love to also make it to the other 2 (if one a year is not enough, the more the merrier!)

Watch this space – there will be more news about this new show, including Stu’s Shed tickets!

Let the sawdust, and the welding sparks fly (just not in the same direction!) (Better take your Dust-Bee-Gone masks!)

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